Waterworks-Lamson Arx Reels - Large Arbor

The ARX Fly Reel from Waterworks Lamson is a two-handed specific fly fishing reel. Ideal for spey and switch rods, this fly reel controls the long lines that are often cumbersome in two handed casting. While traditional spey reels use an enclosed cage design, this forces the angler to rely on drag instead of palming the spool. If improperly set for the weight of the fish on the hook, a drag can either snap the line or give up too much on the initial run. Both of which can ruin your day. The ARX by Waterworks Lamson eliminates this concern by using a cage that is closed at the top and open at the bottom to allow for palming. And it alsomaintains the best of both traditional and new-school designs, in a large-arbor, fully ventilated and meticulously balanced reel. Aluminum frame and large arbor spool Semi-enclosed skeletal frame design Proprietary Hard Alox anodized finish Anti-fouling drag knob .

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Waterworks-Lamson Arx Reels - Large Arbor Review

This is awful, even for 439.00. I made a terrible mistake with this one. Even if Waterworks-Lamson is known for quality products I am thinking about selling mine Waterworks-Lamson Arx Reels - Large Arbor.

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