The Handmade Skateboard, Book

From the high-performance street deck to the classic longboard to the vintage pinstripe cruiser, this book will have you building eye-catching, air-catching skateboards, whether for the young of age, or the young at heart. Go from grinding chisels and carving wood to grinding rails and carving turns. Build a gift that the young ones in your life will never forget! Making a custom skateboard from scratch lets you tailor it to match the user's height, weight, intended use, and very importantly, their own unique style. The Handmade Skateboard guides you step-by-step through building five skateboard designs, from a simple ''Hack Board'' to a high-performance street deck pressed from seven layers of maple veneer. The design guide covers everything you need to know, including choosing the right trucks, wheels and hardware to fit your deck. Detailed photos, illustrations and clear written instruction guide you through the process. Paperback. 160 pages. About the Author: Matt Berger is a digital producer, author, and woodworker in northern California, who has a passion for making things from scratch and teaching others how to do the same. Matt earned his stripes in the woodshop as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine where he edited articles, and produced how-to videos for FineWoodworking.com. There, he honed his skills building high-quality furniture the authentic way with hand tools, sturdy joinery and quality hardwoods. These days, Matt practices woodworking on nights and weekends building skateboard decks out of his garage workshop, aka SK8Makers HQ, and through his series of DIY Skateboard Workshops. By day, he's a Content Manager at Apple producing video and web content for the Business and Education Markets team.

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The Handmade Skateboard, Book Review

I had previously bought the additional at Rockler. I loved The Handmade Skateboard, Book! I look forward to purchasing additional in even more colors.

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