Swix HF8 Red Wax 40g

The Swix HF8 40g Red Wax falls into in a common wintertime temperature and therefore is used often. Swix HF8 Red Wax is idea for temps of 1 to -4 degrees Celsius (34F to 25F) . HF waxes are excellent solo waxes but ideal when used in conjunction with Cera F as an over layer. The combination of HF8 as a base layer and Cera F FC8X as a top layer has become a very successful racing standard. The Swix Cera Nova System of Race Waxes maintains its #1 status as the wax of choice by World Cup Service Technicians and the HF 8 is one of the most used waxes on the world cup. Conditions of high humidity are optimal for HF waxes which are fluorinated hydrocarbon blends having a high percentage of a low melt fluorocarbon additive. The waxes provide fast acceleration have proved effective in a wide range of temperatures and are durable and dirt resistant. Recommended iron temperature setting of 120C.

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Swix HF8 Red Wax 40g Review

Swix Swix HF8 Red Wax 40g is nice product, although it costs just 89.95! I recommend you buying this at U.S. Outdoor Store, you won't regret it!

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