Rockwell SonicrafterA (R) Finger-Shaped Carbide Grit Rasp

The RW8924 Carbide Rasp excels at rasping, etching or cutting wood, hardened adhesives, thin set and masonry. With its narrow profile, it's ideal for spot treatment, or for working in tight quarters. The coarse abrasive removes material aggressively for fast removal, even over larger areas. Universal Fit System also allows it to be used with almost any other multi-tool.Technical Details:Use the RW8924 Carbide Rasp to rasp, cut or etch wood, hardened adhesives,thin set and masonry.Narrow profile is ideal for tight quarters and spot treatment.Aggressive grit removes material quickly over larger areas.Use with Rockwell SonicrafterA (R) Multi-Tools RK5139K (46768) and RK5140K (48783) . Universal fit system adapts to fit other multi-tool brands.Blade Dimensions, 2.85""L x 1.45""W x 0.30""H.

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Rockwell SonicrafterA (R) Finger-Shaped Carbide Grit Rasp Review

I have got one two weeks ago. I can say it is one of the best Rockwell in the branch. I am absolutely satisfied.

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