Reebok 9K Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Pro-Offset - excellent ball control and protection; allows optimum load for shooting Tight Grooved Sidewall Design - streamlined performance making this one of the lightest heads on the market Pro-Pinched Profile - optimum ball control and reduces ball rattle Rounded Scoop Design - allows for easy scooping Scooped Head Constructions - allows for multiple pockets locations and an extremely quick release Narrow V-Shaped Scoop - keeps the ball channeled when shooting and passing and allows for extreme accuracy Engraved Sidewall Design - makes this one of the most stylish heads on the market Multiple Stringing Holes - allows you to create any string job you can imagine

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Reebok 9K Unstrung Lacrosse Head Review

When you are looking for fast and special heads, that is something for you. Nothing is better at this particular 39.98.

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