One of a kind Acacia Slab 59'' L x 12'' W x 2'' Thickness

Each of these unique slabs is individually cut to reveal the most interesting grain and to preserve as much of the natural live edge as possible - use them for table tops, clock faces, signs, decorative wall hangings and whatever else your imagination can drum up. Live edge slabs reveal the individual character of the tree from which they were cut, and provide woodworkers with beautiful wide boards that would otherwise be ripped thin if milled for yield. Because of their width, most of these slabs won't fit through a jointer or planer. Instead, they are carefully flattened on a custom-built, manually-operated mill. The slabs are then sanded to 150-grit and given a light of coat of clear shellac for protection. All of these slabs are sourced from small family-owned mills that practice responsible land management.Additional Notes: For dimensions refer to the grid in the photo: each red square represents 12''; each black square represents 4''.When necessary, checking and defects are carefully patched at the mill. Sanded to 150-grit and coated with shellac for protection.

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One of a kind Acacia Slab 59'' L x 12'' W x 2'' Thickness Review

The additional exceeded my prospect of high character and style additional.

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