Hex Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash

First-ever system designed specifically to clean and protect today's high performance athletic gear Your gear will stay clean; protected; and odor free; giving you clean performance Powerful formula designed specifically for high performance gear Unique formula deep cleans and is the only system to provide long-lasting protection from the toughest odors HEX controls odor typically associated with bacteria; mildew; and mold Specially formulated to attack the sources associated with the digestive sweat process by removing dirt; grime; oil; sweat; and other unwanted materials Removes anionic residues left behind by ordinary detergents and pollutants Cleans and protects gear with a unique; bonded barrier providing odor-fighting technology Clean+ will deep clean and restore to a new level of performance Protect+ is a safe; invisible; protective coating that will keep your gear at its peak performance Easy to use and works with all machines; including HE HEX Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash works just as well when applied by hand Hex never uses dyes; perfumes/fragrances; or optical brighteners; and has designed their formula to comply with the strictest retail environmental requirements

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Hex Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash Review

I'm enjoying the Hex Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash. I would recommend it to all my friends. It has smooth design and it is obvious that it's manufactured to perfection.

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