Dust RightA (R) Separator Hose Holder

Woodworkers have embraced the Dust Right Separator, but storing the Expandable Dust Right Hose can be tricky. Now you can take full advantage of that hose's incredible shrinking potential with the Hose Holder for the Dust Right Separator! Simply slip the hose over the rod, and what was once a 12' hose falls into a compact stack like a Slinky. Roll it safely into a corner to await its next job. The Hose Holder for the Dust Right Separator features an integral caster to support the weight of the hose, and to prevent tipping. Designed to work with our Shop-Vac Hose Kit with Expandable Hose (32989, sold separately) .Features:Metal bracket fastens easily with screws to the lip at the bottom of the Dust Right Separator.Venting on bracket prevents strain on the vacuum motor in the event that it's turned on while the hose is in storage

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Dust RightA (R) Separator Hose Holder Review

The additional exceeded my expectations of high quality and style Dust Right additional.

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