Cotton tote bag, 'Harmony in Community' (Guatemala)

This hand-woven tote from Guatemala is filled with symbolic artistry of the Maya Ixil people. Triangular patterns symbolize the country's many volcanoes, whereas the bird with outstretched wings, Tzichin, is believed to attract riches. The birds with wings closed next to the milpa (corn) represent the harmonious coexistence of nature. The thatched pattern, like a net, symbolizes the union between friends and family - the strength of a community, love and solidarity. There's an exterior pocket on the back, and one in the maroon cotton-lined interior.

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Cotton tote bag, 'Harmony in Community' (Guatemala) Review

NOVICA Cotton tote bag, 'Harmony in Community' (Guatemala) is just amazing! It is much worth than what you pay at NOVICA.

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